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08567442676 (WA) email pusatsoftlens@gmail.com

Kitty Kawaii Mini Run

Kitty Kawaii Mini Run Softlens

Kitty kawaii Mini Run

Gray (Plano, -0.50 up to -6.50)

Brown (Plano, -0.50 up to -6.50)


Made in korea

Dia : 14.2mm

Replace : 6 months disposable

Water : 45%


Kittykawaii Mini Run Warna 3Tone Natural

Kitty-Kawaii-Mini-Run-gray-4 Kitty-Kawaii-Mini-Run-gray-3 Kitty-Kawaii-Mini-Run-gray-2 Kitty-Kawaii-Mini-Run-gray-1 Kitty-Kawaii-Mini-Run-brown-4 Kitty-Kawaii-Mini-Run-brown-3 Kitty-Kawaii-Mini-Run-brown-2 Kitty-Kawaii-Mini-Run-brown-1

Price: IDR100,000.00

Shipping: IDR0.00

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