08567442676 (WA) email pusatsoftlens@gmail.com
08567442676 (WA) email pusatsoftlens@gmail.com
softlens princess-eos-wood-coral-hazel

Eos Coral Wood Hazel (Super Mini Size)

New Eos Coral Wood Hazel (Super Mini Size)

Ready :

Wood HazelĀ  (0.00 up to -10.00) steps -0.25

Dia: 14.00mm (Super Mini Graphic 13.0mm)

Water : 62% Polymacon + 38% Water (high silicone hydrogel)

Replacement: 6 Months Disposable

Made in korea

Approved Certificate by KFDA , FDA, ISO, CE & KGMP also UVA & UVB protection and antibacterical


Eos contact lens super comfort

softlens Eos-wood-coral-hazel softlens princess-eos-wood-coral-hazel softlens wood_coral_hazel_eos

Price: IDR100,000.00

Shipping: IDR0.00

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