Avenue FX Softlens

Fx Pure Gray (Plano, -0.50 sd -10.00)
Fx Gray (Plano, -0.50 sd -10.00)
Fx Brown (Plano, -0.50 sd -10.00)
Fx Blue (Plano,-0.50 sd -10.00)
boleh beda minus kanan dan kiri
Made In The USA
Dia: 14.5mm (22.8mm effect)
Water : 60%
Hydrogel Silicone + Truecolor nano technologhy
Ful Day Comfort ( air free technology) Up To 12 Hours / Day
Avenue Fx USA Softlens pertama dengan truecolor nano technologhy menghasilkan warna lebih hidup dan terang di mata.
Harga jual Rp 130.000 per pasang.
Avenue-Fx-GrayAvenue-Fx softlensAvenue-Fx-PuregrayAvenue-Fx-BlueAvenue-Fx softlensAvenue-Fx-Brown

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