08567442676 (WA) email pusatsoftlens@gmail.com
08567442676 (WA) email pusatsoftlens@gmail.com
kitty kawai-mini-olivia-brown

Kitty kawaii Mini Olivia Softlens

New Kittykawaii Mini Olivia

Kittykawaii Mini Olivia:

Gray (Plano, -0.50 up to -8.50)

Brown (Plano, -0.50 up to -8.50)

Light Brown (Plano, -0.50 up to -8.50)
Green (Plano, -0.50 up to -8.50)

Blue (Plano, -0.50 up to -4.50)

(kanan kiri boleh beda minus)


Made in korea

Dia : 14.2mm

Replace : 6 months disposable

Water : 55%

UV (UV Protection) : UVA75% &  UVB 99% + Hydrogel Lens

Harga Jual rp 95.000,-

Untuk Reseller bisa hubungi kami lagi. Reseller Open

kittykawai_mini_olivia_green kittykawai_mini_olivia_green kittykawai_mini_olivia_green kittykawai_mini_olivia_blue kittykawai_mini_olivia__brown kittykawaii-mini-olivia-gray kittykawaii_mini_olivia_gray kitty kawai-mini-olivia-brown kitty kawai-mini-olivia-brown

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